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Announcing Two New deaf Aggregation Websites

Posted by orangedeafies on November 21, 2011

First we open is our Orange deafie Newswire (ODN). This has the most latest news from the deaf community, hearing loss, sign language, cochlear implants, and audiology. Its fully inclusive and is recognized with an orange avatar of someone reading a newspaper. You can see it at

Secondly we open is Orange deafie Blogwire (ODB). This one has the latest blog submissions from members of the deaf community, audiologists, and the industry that serves these people. This is far more inclusive than the other two aggregation websites. This fills an unmet need for a fully inclusive blog agreggator and is recognized with an avatar of a small “d” deaf man with a bullhorn. You can see it at

Both agreggators are the newest Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center’s efforts to bring related news, information, and community observations to our stakeholders in the communities we have been serving since 1998.


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