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Nanci Linke-Ellis The Bully From HLAA California Chapter

Posted by orangedeafies on August 19, 2012


Nanci Linke-Ellis The Bully From Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) California Chapter

The title is clear and the truth. This website will prove it to you. This is not intended to defame Nanci Linke-Ellis. This is not intended to libel Nanci Linke-Ellis. This is intended to tell you the whole truth about Nanci Linke-Ellis. When you’re done with this page, we will have proven to you that Nanci Linke-Ellis has been a bully since 2006.

This is not a bully website. We’ve excluded all the “bull” out of this website and there’s nothing but the whole proven truth about Nanci Linke-Ellis being a bully since 2006. We are making a stand and speaking up against a bully in the HLAA organization.

Let’s take a look at Nanci Linke-Ellis;

Clicking on the picture will take you to where we got this from.

Take a look at this URL that was discovered on July 3, 2012. Its pure libel in its own face value.

The URL that led me to this cyberbullying post was posted in a Facebook page on July 3, 2012 in an attempt by someone to intimidate me in the middle of a heated debate of whether its proper to teach hearing people dirty sign language.

Until it was removed recently it had been there since 2006. Click on this link to see more of it.

Who posted that there? Nanci Linke-Ellis.

A search of the Orange County Register newspaper has revealed no such article exists. And the search results goes way back to 2005.

See the search results for your self and be the judge of Nanci Linke-Ellis.

We normally sell tickets to Macys Shopping event, Knotts Berry Farm, and Old World Oktoberfest. We didnt sell tickets to Sawdust Festival. We didnt even do fundraising at theatres back then. So the stuff she added about Pageant of the Masters is none other than pure garbage. It’s at best, defamatory. This is the stuff that makes Nanci Linke-Ellis a true bully.

You be the judge as to the true character of Nanci Linke-Ellis.

HLAA has removed the libelous post when asked to remove it on July 5, 2012.

Check the gallery below for the evidence that Nanci Linke-Ellis is a bully.

Protect yourself and your favorite HLAA chapter by educating people about Nanci Linke-Ellis and passing word of this website around.

TAKE NOTE : Loyal friends and associates of Nanci Linke-Ellis may retaliate by pointing to several websites about us thats nothing but the actual “bull” in the bully and that will solidify Nanci Linke-Ellis footing on the bully platform.

The goal is not to bully anyone, but we are taking a stand and educating people of a bully in the HLAA organization and HLAA should never be a place for bullies.

We are standing up and speaking out against a bully in HLAA!

Help us spread the word out. We made it easy for you, use this URL ->


This is the letter from Malik B. El-Amin

Never seen such a frigid, unapologetic, heartless, and of course inept letter coming from a HLAA leader! The letter says that Malik didnt even bother to do his homework. I just want to comment on some of the pointers on that letter.

Response to #1) Yes it was moderated at that time. I happen to know who that moderator was. She was one of my roommates who stayed at my place from November 17, 1997 until April 22, 2003 and she allowed it to be posted there in retaliation for me getting the court order to have her completely removed from my property on June 30, 2003.

Response to #2) It dont take a rocket scientist to figure the article is false. Look at the article “source” which is “From OC Regsiter” maybe check the spelling because theres no such newspaper with the name “Regsiter” in Orange County.

Response to #3) I would repeat my response to #1 on this one.

There is a number of additional discrepancies in the letter that suggests someone did not do his homework and my attorney will have the pleasure of exposing those on my behalf. The statute of limitation is 2 years from discovery and the clock started at July 3, 2012.

This letter is what the HLAA-LA is really made out of. This is probably reflecting the true material the national HLAA leadership is made out of, if you will. The HLAA-OC had likely disbanded and lost their 501(c)3 status due to a similar anomaly thats been infecting the HLAA leadership as of late.

This discovery could impact everything from closed captioning, deaf education,  TRS-VRS access, movie theater captioning, and related captioning advocacy campaigns.  The big upshot is that the advocacy stance and the civil rights of people with hearing impairments could be sent backwards by as much as 30 years.  This will happen if organizations that serve the deaf and hard of hearing people continue to harbor and protect cyberbullies like the particular one that this education campaign is all about.  

Better fix the cyberbully problem before she eats the HLAA organization up.  And members should be very very happy that the late Rocky Stone, the original SHHH namesake founder, is not around to see how bad his baby has grown up to be.

And if the members dont want to see HLAA embarrassed any further, they can contact the headquarters and ask them to settle libel claims by Richard Roehm and the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center.

Else this education will continue and and is already becoming autonomous and is starting to utilize the media and social media platforms. If Nanci herself or the HLAA organization doesn’t like it, TOUGH!

Some people sent messages that they think what happened didnt count as cyberbullying because we didnt know what was happening online. What we felt were the effects that was the result from this posting. We lost grants and subcontracts starting in 2007 and eventually lost our 11 room office in Irvine in 2009. Its like seeing all this smoke all around us all this time and unable to find the source of the smoke until six years later in this case.

Check back here for additional updates.

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