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Sneak Preview Of Our COMMPAD Device

Posted by orangedeafies on December 15, 2012

Here is a sneak preview of our COMMPAD communication service device.

This enables people with both expressive and receptive communication disabilities communicate out and receive communication from others.

People who benefit from this $200.00 device are not limited to those with hearing and speech impairments. Most other people with afflictions in the communication disorder categories can benefit from the COMMPAD device.

Deaf people will be able to use this device to make videophone calls and access the VRS (Video Relay Services). See video below of prototype accessing VRS. COMMPAD’s interoperability makes it capable of utilizing different VRS companies.

It also sends text to multiple devices and receives text from multiple devices.  The COMMPAD can be used in a conference setting.  And it can function as a CART receiving unit since it has WIFI peer to peer networking capabilities. Two people with a pair of COMMPADS can engage in face to face communication.

It does things as receiving voice and converting it into text.   And it also converts text into audible speech.  People inflicted with various communication disorders will be able to communicate to many others using COMMPAD. It has 4 speech generation modules to help people talk to others that can not read text. There is strong wind that the California’s Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program has an interest in speech generation devices and our COMMPAD device is also a speech generation device.

People with visual impairments benefit from this as it has a talking browser and a module that displays entered text in very large font sizes.

We are going to introduce the COMMPAD at the upcoming CSUN conference in San Diego.

The original face to face concept was designed in the late 70’s by the late Morton Warnow the founder of Modern Deaf Communication.  Morton Warnow has been a contributor to the development of our face to face communication devices beginning with a dual TTY system and then as civilization advances, face to face technology advanced and leads us to the COMMPAD tablet.

The ultimate benefit of the COMMPAD is positive relations between the affected individuals and the rest of the society.  They then get better opportunities to succeed in life and become contributors to society and not be a drain on taxpayers resources.  

The ultimate consequence coming from the COMMPAD project is independence of people with communication  disabilities.

FCC – ROHS – CE Certified.

“Investors” may inquire to help tagboard7(at) but we don’t need investors really. We can raise the capital for this ourselves. However, we are accepting pre-orders.

To pre-order a COMMPAD Device click here. And as an added bonus, people who pre-order will get a tax-deductible receipt for their order. Deliveries begin on or around May 2013.

Here is a youtube video of our prototype

The gallery of pictures below shows more about the COMMPAD device.

2 Responses to “Sneak Preview Of Our COMMPAD Device”

  1. Can the Commpad device be utilized in a conference type setting where it can pick up the speakers voice and transcribe the information like a closed caption devise for real time transcription?

  2. Mark said

    Are there other devices out there that can transcribe voice to text like captioning on the web or like Caption Call. I know cell phones can do this, but a larger screen is what I would need to see the text. Is your product the first of its kind. Thanks

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