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Deaf Woman Falters in Challenge to EBay Policy

Posted by on January 6, 2013

A deaf woman who had to verify her identity on the phone before selling goods on eBay cannot sue for discrimination, a federal judge ruled.
Melissa Earll took issue with an eBay rule that requires that all sellers to verify their identity over the phone. She claimed that the requirement constituted intentional discrimination in violation of her civil rights, the American with Disabilities Act and the California Disabled Persons Act.


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One Response to “Deaf Woman Falters in Challenge to EBay Policy”

  1. Dave Eaker said

    Do not blame Ebay ! I am profound deaf and have no problem with ebay over 10 years.I use Video Relay Service.I use sign language.She is deaf but not use sign language. That is her big problem. She is wasting her time, use her common sense !

    Ebay has own policy to protect all Ebay sellers and buyers.

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