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Gallaudet reinstates administrator who signed petition supporting same-sex marriage vote

Posted by orangedeafies on January 8, 2013

WASHINGTON — Gallaudet University has reinstated its chief diversity officer after a 3-month paid suspension for signing a petition circulated by opponents of gay marriage in Maryland.

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3 Responses to “Gallaudet reinstates administrator who signed petition supporting same-sex marriage vote”

  1. lets be honest about this is was a form of political biblical sexual harrasment it is said god dont make no junk but our attitudes seem to project the attitude that he did now we dont exactly have a psych evaluation on god and jesus life right now but i think if u had a sit down heart to heart with jesus or god and talked with him and asked him if he would want it to be unholey to love someone by the nature of there gender or sexual orientation i think jesus or god should be asked if they want them to wake up alone all there life because of whoand what they are born they cant help what they were given so u have to ask is there idea of marriage so terriable is there idea of love so wrong i am one who believes that love is unconditional i was braught up to believe that that ment it had no real conditions or terms set on it to segrigate to hold back because of race color gender prefrence creed etc i was taught a prenup is the only conditions to protect urself with if law set limitations upon anyone because it is unpopular then law obstructs the fairness and impartiality of law god and jesus i was taught were to act in the best interest and that they would probably have a change of heart if they were to be here today to see our points of view such as this i ask u is such public harrasment and shame for one doing her job lawfully for what she is suppossed to do in the best interest removing her was spitefull and vindictive i think the people that removed her should be removed for presiding with prejudice it is a biggoted point of view who is presiding over gallaudet archie bunker and george jefferson seems to me thats as miliciously bigotted and assanine a leadership with the arrogence of a ass to do such a hanous thing and i am presidential blood and deaf i am family of andrew jackson i am ashamed of gallaudet doing such a thing

  2. my father taught me god rest his his soul that sometimes u have to stand up for the unpopular just because its right u might not always get the popular vote in life u might eeven be asked to step down just because its right doesnt always seem like what i say makes sence does it in the last part but what it really means is when politics of the boardroom happens in life dirt will be dug up like gossip and worse people will try and blackmail u but u have to learn to stand up to ur blackmailers like david letterman did who was blackmailed for 2 million dollars for a sex scandel he refused to pay and went pubic and came out better then being blackmailed he had his pride and integrity in tack doing right by gallaudet now is what is in question should we terminate the indaviduals who tried to fire a employee of gallaudet for trying to do her job and be complient with her job description is it not her job to act in the best interest is it not her job to do her job at the best of her ability and serve gallaudet fair and impartial with out obstructing the student lifestyle and the rest of deaf culture are the indaviduals who presided over these matters of trying to remove her from her job hearing seems like hearing sexual phobia seems hearing biblical politics seems they are as closed minded as archie bunker and george jefferson

  3. with such hanious milicious illminded representation slandering of the contents of her profeshional and personal character witch i ask were u judging her personal sexuality or were u judging her judgment under oath can u respond to this with out perjuring urself and ur profeshional credentials another question is do u think she deserves a raise for such inappropiate behavior by gallaudet university do u think the students should have some say in this as well as my other e mails personally i think we should have a deaf person presiding in all administration jobs at gallaudet i think gallaudet should take students that become teachers and have more of them at gallaudet

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