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Man in court for raping deaf girl

Posted by on January 22, 2013

An elderly Limpopo man accused of raping a deaf youth appeared in the Mankweng Magistrate’s Court on Monday, police said.



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One Response to “Man in court for raping deaf girl”

  1. the law was created to serve and protect the innocent from such hanious crimes even if its in a porta potty there is such a thing as porta potty law in the law books it is the laws responsibilty to protect any and all indaviduals to the upmost of there ability they have to serve her fair and impartial just as they have to serve the man the same way to find out all the facts and get to the truth but let us remeber not to jump to conclusions if one does with out evidence it is not healthy for the case while i am not a legal liscenced attorney i do dabbel in law since i have had to all my life i have had no choice i have been quite the victim all my life i have tons of stories i cld tell but i wont but i will say im a survivor and this is a serious ctime but you will survive and get through it i have as many times as i have been put through loads and loads of sh@#@% believe me therapy helps it helps to talk with someone i have been lucky having support in deaf services best of luck to u

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