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Deaf want a fair hearing on film and TV subtitles-

Posted by on February 6, 2013

The quality of life of deaf people would dramatically improve if subtitles were introduced on TV and in cinemas, according to campaigners.

How does it feel to see but not hear? A screen grab from the campaign video promoting subtitles on TV and in cinemas.


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One Response to “Deaf want a fair hearing on film and TV subtitles-”

  1. i think america has held back the rights of close caption to long they just introduced it in the theater in my neighborhood its about time i was asking for it and i finially got it what angers alot of deaf i think is that the internet is not really close captioned and not all tv shows and movies past and present seems when a movie comes out the dvd is not ready to be released at the same time i tried to get some adult sexual education videos i asked if it wass captioned they said no i asked if they would do it for me they said no and we need this kind of thing we need all educational videos close captioned not just kids stuff which only seems to matter to hearing seems we need more then a fair hearing but a fair trial

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